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Relactive Events has been organising company outings, workshops, teambuilding activities, inspirational tours, international (incentive) trips, and complete packages lasting one or more days since 2010. In contrast to other event firms, we not only plan the entire event but also manage more than 60 activities with the help of our own qualified employees. Relative Events is carried both nationally and internationally and can be seen on websites like:
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Remote socializing has become the new standard, providing interaction and connection is more crucial than ever. During the Corona Crisis, we established Fun Tochten Nederland with this goal in mind and began providing the most enjoyable online experiences for both young and elderly. With our car, cycling and hiking trips, we strive to make something genuinely enjoyable, especially in these difficult times. Fun Tochten Nederland values transparency and a personalized approach.


A special label of ours Duurzaam Bedrijfsuitje. CSR and sustainability have been important to us since establishing in 2010. This product-market combination was specially developed in cooperation with national parks, care farmers, social institutions, and Greenkey catering. This brand provides a unique selection of socially and sustainable experiences. We support numerous charities and are members of CSR Netherlands. we also earned the Golden sustainable CSR trademark.

Lockdown in events: Creativity is rewarded!

Fun Tochten Nederland is since 2020 the webshop for individuals and groups with the most variety of (coronaproof) tours on foot, by bike or car on a unique app. Over 250 Fun Tochten products, including team games, are currently available for purchase (online).

Early in March 2020, we heard from a number of clients who said that all of their events had been cancelled due to COVID-19. Since then, the Netherlands has been turned upside down. By now, everyone on the planet is aware of what COVID-19 and RIVM measurements are. Financially, the events sector will be severely impacted. This will have an impact on bankruptcy and the future, which is sadly certain, in addition to the harm caused by the recent cancellations and rescheduling of meetings, festivals, company outings, and events.

Instead of just sitting about, we felt the need to act. After an internal brainstorming process, we decided to offer something in the new one-and-a-half meter society that is secure and enjoyable for everyone. Especially tours seem appropriate for coronaproof outings when used in combination with a unique app. Fun Tochten Nederland was born!


Fun Tochten Nederland