2010: Founding of QMandS by owner Niels Lodewijks. The consultancy firm QMandS then consisted mainly of (event) marketing and sustainable product(solutions). At that time QMandS was called Quality Marketing and Sustainability.

2011: Niels Lodewijks founded Be Relactive Events (BRE) as a result of his great interest in and passion for the event industry. BRE was the first franchisee in the franchise method of the Be Event Group (BEG). The BEG primarily provides national team-building activities, workshops, company outings, and grew to several franchisees during 2011-2015.

2013: Duurzaam Bedrijfsuitje was established. This "sustainable" group outing label has a clear CSR focus and is specifically positioned nationally for the corporate companies and government market. The organization achieves the silver hallmark in 2014 and the gold hallmark sustainable entrepreneur the following year (2015), and also becomes a CSR Netherlands partner.

2015: Activities franchise rayons Breda/Tilburg (Be Xventure Events) and Arnhem/Nijmegen (Be Fun Events) are taken over. Establishment Coaching Room Eindhoven: specific brand for coaching and team training that emphasizes the Enneagram model.

2016: Establishment of Meeting Incentives Eindhoven: An international English-language website specifically for the region of Eindhoven and the so-called MICE market. This brand also specializes as a DMC (Destination Management Company). In that year we also became SITE member and met the strict requirements.

2018: Franchise organization BEG is discontinued by franchisor. A new organization, corporate identity and formula Relactive Events is built by QMandS.

2019: QMandS establishes a limited liability company, and continues under the name Quality Meetings and Solutions bv.

2020: The event industry is experiencing a crisis, so QMandS is working on several online (teambuilding) solutions. Fun Tochten Nederland is being established as a new brand.

Summer 2022: With limited perspective, the event industry (travel industry, DMC, MICE) experienced a two-year coronacrisis:  Despite this, QMandS bv has had two successful years with its four brands thanks to the dedication of its employees, devoted clients, TVL and NOW subsidies, and especially the new businesses in online team building and webshop tickets of Fun Tochten Nederland.  

QMandS Strategy

QMandS is now doing more than just (event) marketing and is increasingly focusing on bringing Business-To-Business together in a sustainable environment. Both on a personal level, as well as during a team building, team activity or team training. We are aware of how crucial live communication, corporate action, and transparency are.

Our ambition is to continue to grow in the coming years through market development and product development.The name QMandS has been changed to Quality Meetings and Solutions since the emphasis has shifted from "marketing and sustainability" to "meetings and solutions."Here, sustainability is taken for granted.

partner MVO Nederland

Core values

We are constantly innovating our products and we are constantly exploring for new technologies to implement in our products. We adapt our offerings in response to developments in society and companies. We place a lot of importance on sustainability. We place a lot of importance on sustainability. Making events that are sustainable in the fullest sense of the word presents a significant challenge for us, one that we are eager to accept. Consider mobility (transport of people, but also electric city tours), social return, or, for instance, social food waste.

We live in a world where we are (or can be) constantly connected and as an organization. Group activities provide a wonderful opportunity to learn new things, experience others and yourself in new ways, and to make new friends. We communicate with one another not only when participating in an activity, but also online where we post our wonderful memories and invite others to join us. Technology is crucial for developing connection. Social media, VR, AR and hologram are applications that we are integrating into this new era.

We wish to engage people to their fullest potential. More commonly, we work sedentary jobs or head to the couch after work. Our products encourage users to be physically active, but we also encourage engagement through social interaction and mutual inspiration. We actively collaborate with the client to plan a lovely and special event that will be remembered. Preferably outdoors.

We believe in being stronger together and we like to convey that to our employees. They then distribute it to our shareholders (including customers, suppliers and partners). We collaborate in this way to create our core process and great moments each time. For instance, two activities we offer both internally and externally are social fun and social play. A day without laughter is a day not lived, so they emphasize enthusiasm and good times. And that is very true!


With QMandS, we constantly work on new and innovative activities that enable us to provide our clients an unforgettable day (or days). To achieve this, we constantly create unique product-market combinations that cater to the needs of the various target markets and clients. We connect people to share experiences. On the one hand, we enjoy going outside (weather allowed) to engage in physical activity, such as team-building and social fun activities. On the other hand, through coaching and team building, we offer depth and enjoyment. This is how we prefer to fill our days and want to continue to do so for years to come.


As a result of a passion for events, a keen interest in team building and (event) marketing, and the belief that progress is made via collaboration, QMandS was founded in 2010 as ZZP-er. Therefore, from the beginning, we worked closely with the Be Event Group for almost 7 years as we continuously developed new outings, concepts, and ideas in the events industry. The cooperation within the group, but also with many (catering) partners ensured growth. Both financially and in terms of personnel. This is another reason we have grown to be the region of Eindhoven’s largest events agency.

QMandS has also brought smart and successful product-market combinations to the (inter)national market, including duurzaam-uitje.nl and meetings-incentives-eindhoven.com. We love social fun and play, and we offer our clients a variety of team-building activities, workshops, and staff outings, but we can also provide coaching and team-building exercises as needed (beforehand, afterward, or separately). Just do it, act with an awareness of quality, sustainability, and client needs, this is what QMandS, along with enthusiastic staff members and our trainers and coaches, strives to achieve.

QMandS bv is an CSR Netherlands partner, SITE member, STO Garant member, Eventbranche member, and Recognized learning company and has achieved the golden mark of Sustainable Entrepreneur.